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Providing EDI and other services to the Newsagent Channel

About Us

In 2001 XchangeIT was established by three magazine distributors. It was an initiative to help newsagents manage the complexity of magazines. It soon became apparent that XchangeIT could be used for any store category, and today it is used by several suppliers in the industry, and more than 1,700 newsagents on a daily basis.

With the closure of two of the magazine distributors, XchangeIT is now a 100% subsidiary of Are Direct. This change has been extremely positive, facilitating improved collaboration, problem solving and strategies for the future.

Our mission is to help the newsagent industry succeed and thrive into the future by streamlining processes to free up time and resources to enable stakeholders to focus more on their business.

EDI Services

XchangeIT (XIT) provides suppliers and stores with a low-cost solution to bring about efficiencies in the newsagent supply chain, saving time, money and effort. By facilitating the transfer of data to and from the store point of sale system, the need for manual entry is practically eliminated.

The XIT EDI platform is compatible with the main traditional point of sale systems used in the channel, Access POS, Computerlink, POS Solutions, Retail Systems and Tower Systems. With the development of the XIT EDI API, XchangeIT is also compatible with Readysell, a cloud-based point of sale system.

Electronic delivery invoices are sent via the XchangeIT Platform straight to the store's point of sale system. The store downloads this delivery file, automatically updating the point of sale inventory with quantity supplied, product description, barcode, and the wholesale price and RRP.

Sales data can be sent back via XchangeIT and to the supplier to be used for forecasting and auto-replenishment.

For categories where returns are a usual part of the business such as magazines, newspapers or seasonal returns, a returns file can be sent to newsagents so they can submit an EDI Claims form back to the supplier.

The diagram below summarises the data transfer that takes place through the XchangeIT Platform:

Terminal Connect

The Lottery Corporation in collaboration with XchangeIT have developed a feature that securely transfers the S8 lottery terminal transactions straight to the store point of sale (POS). This has now been up and running for a couple of years and is used by approximately 800 stores.

The XchangeIT Terminal Connect API acts as a bridge to securely transfer the applicable lottery transaction data to a Message Pool, from where it is pulled into the POS system. It only takes less than TWO seconds to transfer the data from terminal to POS, ready to serve the customer.

The Terminal Connect feature currently works with Access POS, Computerlink, GaP Solutions, Helecom Systems. POS Solutions and Tower Systems. For information on becoming a Terminal Connect POS Vendor or finding out more about running Terminal Connect in your store, please give us a call on 1300 551 212, or complete the contact us form below.

Benefits of XchangeIT

XchangeIT is involved in all elements of the supply chain from delivery to returns.

Benefits for the store

  • Practically eliminates manual entry
  • Automatic update of the POS inventory
  • One application to manage many suppliers
  • Returns through XIT means faster credits and improved cashflow
  • Store saves time and effort, freeing up resources to spend time with customers

Benefits for the supplier

  • A streamlined data process managing the newsagent channel
  • Reduced admin for the supplier re deliveries, prices and product descriptions
  • Sales data facilitates sales-based replenishment reducing out-of-stocks and improved product forecasting

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